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What is a Community Supported Preservery?


Participating in a CSA is a way for you to build a close relationship with your farmer or producer, to have an intimate understanding of the passing seasons, and to allow your best self to decide at the beginning of the season that you are committed to buying and eating locally.


Generally, before the peak-growing season begins, you pay your farmer or producer upfront to provide you with a share of the freshest produce available throughout the season. Your participation ensures that farmers and producers have sufficient up-front capital to get seeds in the ground, to order jars and labels and to know exactly how much product to produce. In return, CSA members are guaranteed first priority when produce comes up for harvest.


In the case of Farmer’s Daughter, we are following the CSA model to create our own Community Supported Preservery (CSP), where we offer local subscriptions for the 2015 season to our JAM CLUB and/or our CULTURE CLUB (fermented vegetables). There will be 4 deliveries (1 per season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) for the 2015 season.

If you want access to the Grand Cru of Farmer’s Daughter pickles&preserves, the CSP might be for you. Club members get first dibs on our limited production jams, preserves, hot sauces, kimchi, pickles and kraut. Some years weather wreaks havoc on our harvest, and we are only able to put up a few cases of our Bourbon’d Figs, Red Rooster Hot Sauce, etc. Those few cases go first to you, members! In addition to stocking your larder with the very best, you are supporting the traditional craft of small batch pickling and preserving, as well as small farmers in North Carolina. Each jar is packed with premium, hand-cut fruit and vegetables and is purchased directly from local farms, grown in our own back yard, or foraged from the fields and woodlands surrounding our kitchen.

Each delivery will contain what April believes are the very best products of the season, each one a celebration of the soils of the North Carolina Piedmont.


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