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April McGregor
April McGreger
creator & owner of Farmer’s Daughter

Yes, she really is a farmer’s daughter. April McGreger first learned the art of preserving at the elbow of her mother and grandmother in a small Mississippi farming town. Her wanderlust led her to a Master’s thesis on a volcano in Italy before the call of kitchen could no longer be ignored. She worked her way into a pastry chef position at the nationally acclaimed Lantern Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC. There she honed her skills and her palate while discovering her passion for working with seasonal local fruits. She spent years researching vernacular preserving traditions around the world and experimenting in her home kitchen before founding Farmer’s Daughter in 2007.

our mission

Like Andre 3000 said, “The South’s got something to say.” He was talking hip hop. We’re talking preserves. At Farmer’s Daughter Brand, our mission is to make the most delicious pickles and preserves our customers have ever tasted using the finest local produce and age old techniques. We seek to support sustainable agriculture while celebrating Southern culture through the stories our products tell. We seek to revive, popularize, and promote old Southern recipes, fruits, and forgotten flavors; to celebrate regionalism; and to create our own bold and inspired flavors that capture the taste and the spirit of this place that we call home.

our process

Locally Grown. The most important ingredients in every jar of Farmer’s Daughter pickles and preserves are peak season fruit and/or vegetables grown on small, local farms. The strawberries for our Strawberry-Honeysuckle Jam are grown in field just a few miles down the road from our kitchen. They are picked, delivered, and made into jam on the same day without ever being refrigerated. We work hard to source local produce that is organic or free from pesticides.

Small Batches. Each pot of jam we cook yields only 10 six ounce jars - a fraction of the industry standard batch size. The superior flavor that results tells us it’s really worth it. Without the addition of pectin, we rely of evaporation to thicken our preserves. Small batches allow this to happen quickly, which results in vivid, fresh flavors and a luxurious soft set.

More Fruit, Less Sugar. Sugar is cheap. It is certainly more economical to makes preserves thatare predominantly sugar. However, our goal is that our jams taste like the fruit that they are, only more concentrated and intense. To do this, we pack a full pint of berries into half pint jar of preserves and use far less sugar then the industry standard.

Personal Attention. Our fruit is hand picked, hand cut, hand packed, hand labeled. Every jar of jam is cooked by April herself. This personal attention to detail showcases Farmer’s Daughter artisanship at every step of the process.


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