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Preserving the Tastes of the South:
A Seasonal Jam Club Membership

12 jars a year
$ 155.00 (price includes shipping)
(3 jars per shipment, 4 shipments a year)
24 jars per year
$265.00 (price includes shipping)
(6 jars per shipment, 4 shipments a year)

If you want access to the Grand Cru of Farmer’s Daughter preserves, this jam club is for you. Club members get first dibs on our limited production jams and preserves. Some years weather wreaks havoc on our fruit harvest, and we are only able to put up a few cases of our Bourbon’d Figs or Sandhills Peach Preserves. Those few cases go first to you, members! In addition to stocking your larder with the very best preserves, you are supporting the traditional craft of small batch preserving, as well as small farmers in North Carolina. Each jar of preserves is packed with premium, hand-cut fruit and is purchased directly from local farms, grown in our own back yard, or foraged from the fields and woodlands surrounding our kitchen.

You will receive 4 shipments a year. Each shipment will contain what April believes are the very best preserves of the season, each one a celebration of the season and soils of the North Carolina Piedmont. The first shipment of the year will occur after North Carolina’s strawberry season hits its peak and might include our award-winning Strawberry-Honeysuckle Jam and/or our Rosey Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves. The spring shipment will also include at least one jar of marmalade. This gives us a chance to tip our hats to the exquisite Southern-grown organic citrus of Louisiana, Texas, or Florida. Early Summer means blackberries, blueberries, elderflowers, and perhaps some Blue Ridge Mountain cherries if our friends at Levering Orchard have a good harvest. Fingers crossed! Late Summer means peaches, figs, peppers, and tomatoes. Fall brings cozy flavors and warm, aromatic spices: pears, apples, persimmons, muscadine and scuppernong grapes.

With each shipment, you will receive an illustrated newsletter including a favorite recipe using Farmer’s Daughter product, stories and sketchbook drawings (by the Farmer’s Daughter’s husband, artist Phil Blank,) that bring to life the drama, romance, and inevitable trials of seasonal life in a North Carolina farm kitchen.

Estimated Shipping Calendar:
Spring – early to mid May
Early Summer – end of July
Late Summer- early October
Fall/Winter: early to mid December

Upon enrollment in the Jam Club, you will receive a personal email giving you a chance to voice personal likes and dislikes, and we will do our very best to customize your jam selection to match your tastes. We look forward to sharing the Farmer’s Daughter harvest year with you!

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